Generation Gap

Gadgets once upon a time: “Your dad owns a cellphone??? Wow!!!”

Gadgets today: “What, you have only one phone? You know I had 2 phones and a tablet back in my 3rd grade itself”

Friends in the olden days: “Don’t you dare hit on my sister!”

Friends now: “Don’t hit on my girl friend please”

Day 1 at Kinder garden ages ago: One kid to another, “My Dad got me a pair of new canvas shoes yesterday which I can wear till I go to 2nd standard”

Conversation between two kids in Kinder gardens today: “My Nike shoes do not go well with my frock, I should wear heels instead”

Moms, long long ago: “Marry the girl I choose”

Moms today: “Marry a girl please”

Manifestation of envy, a great while ago: “Honey, when will we buy a car like the one our neighbor’s have?”

Manifestation of envy today: “I am not driving that Honda City when all my friends drive Audis and BMWs!”

And worst of all,

Taking the first move, a long time ago: Send a “Hi” SMS and wait eagerly for the reply “Who is this?”

But today: Directly say” I love you” via Facebook Messenger and await eagerly for “Seen” and “Typing…


  1. I would say the worst of all is the best of all. Because people don’t have to waste time and the soon they express the lesser will be the pain.
    4th comparison is a welcome change in society.
    I’m wondered that few pple had that many pairs of shoes, bcoz I never had one till 1st grade. The second one…lol


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