This blog is by….

Hey there,

Welcome to my site 🙂

Writing is my way of staying sane amidst the insane things going in and around me. The frequent travel assignments made me suffer through long periods of writer’s block and the insanity that ensued. Little did I realize that travel is a blessing in disguise for it allows me to share my experiences in different places as different stories. Now that my blog is resurrected with travelogues, my passion for the written word is rekindled and its good to be back to doing what I love doing the most 🙂

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – off late I started to use pictures to add volumes to my writing which is helping me get over the writer’s block as well. I am glad that my pictures are getting used for a motive that is less shallow than being spam inducers on Facebook and Instagram :).

Hope you keep coming back again and again and share with me my love for travel and passion for discovering new kinds of people, places and things 🙂



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