The secret to the new found glow :P

There is something about living in a home away from home that cannot be easily explained in a few words. It’s the feeling of deja vu experienced during childhood when left alone in the big house for a few hours. With no time to waste, I set about my task as the pulse quickened rapidly. The mind conjures up new ideas one after another while my hands go about implementing them diligently mixing the ingredients together, running them into a blender and finally producing a masterpiece of the concoction which should ideally last for a couple of days. I look down at the output and smile contently to myself, having been transported back to the slow moving summer holidays at home when I had enough time and energy to indulge in home made face masks for hours on end.

The very idea to re-live those days, thus prompted me to create a “homely” feeling in the place I now call home during the rare days I arrive before my flatmates.

Although I do not now have the luxury of being sprawled across the arm chair with coated face and arms waiting for the coat to dry, nothing stopped me from walking around with a mask landed fresh on the face directly from the blender, smoothed into an inch thick layer, going about my regular tasks. The smooth and glowing complexion that the magazine had promised made all the effort seem worth it.

What started with just papaya, later advanced to pulpy tomato and then to the blended mixture of various ingredients straight out of the fridge to the exotic ones that would sometimes make my hungry stomach growl in anticipation, like the delicious mixture of almonds, honey and milk or the lip smacking combination of fresh ripe strawberries and milk cream – so much that half the pack ends up being spooned into the mouth. There have been times when its so delicious that the entire pack lands inside the stomach and the skin is left high and dry, quite literally. “I will glow from inside” is the only consolation I can give myself during such days.

Preparing face packs takes considerable time and energy making this a “hard to stick to” routine!. That’s when creative ideas started pouring in from all angles. From not letting the sour curd get wasted to saving the fruit peel for greater cause to making calls to grandma to get to know unknown traditional facepacks with amazing benefits, the list is endless!

The most memorable moment of this new found enthusiasm was when the chocolates I brought home were very dark and bitter and given they are super premium and expensive we did  not have the heart to throw them away.  When my flatmate armed with her bakery lessons, suggested we cut them to pieces and bake chocochip cookies , my mind came up with even better ideas 😛

Well, no prizes for guessing what I did.

I ended up looking like contractor Nesamani in this picture!


So what if this new look frightened my flatmates and my washroom tiles turned to slushy mud color that day, the “glow” was worth it all. The elusive glow which as usual, did not last for more than few minutes. “I can feel it”, I tell myself while once again i immersed myself in researching new ways to get a more lasting glow.

To my ” never say die” spirit, Good luck 😛

And yes, please do not forget to #prayfornesamani while you are at it!


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