Why should some companies collaborate?

Uniting some seemingly disconnected companies. Let’s talk business 😉

  1. BharathMatrimony & Facebook: To track the “Other” folder for communications between the “Interested” parties and monetise the same
  2. Makemytrip & Google: To learn about the cities frequented by friends and help make travel plans for each other so as to enable “real time hang out”
  3. Linkedin & Monster.com: Anyway the inmails from HRs are for obvious reasons, they could do better by making a business out of it. “Professional Networking” could then be, at its best!
  4. Amazon & Dominoes: Since the promises are becoming better and better, starting from two day, to single day, to half a day deliveries, Amazon might as well start delivering goods, “fresh and hot” like the pizzas!
  5. Snapchat & Ashley Madison: One deletes chats and photos instantly and another promotes sneaky behaviour at home. They definitely can do better in this “short life” together!

Disclaimer: The views expressed are completely personal and the aforementioned findings have nothing to do with any of the M&A work I might be doing as part of my job!

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