Dare to Live

Swinging high up, with winds blowing into your hair, your shrieks get louder as you go up higher,

You believe you are in control – the speed, the height and the time it takes to get there as you reach dizzyingly higher and higher.

With every new height, you become bolder and propel yourself even further!

As you dream of a life as carefree and gleeful, your limitless mind only wants you to touch the sky faster!

Until your foot brushes against a stray stone, sending you flying uncontrollably; suddenly you experience down your spine a slight shiver!

You are in the ground; your little fingers hurt, you feel aches all over but worst of all, your dreams of getting higher faster, shatter!

But, before you know it, the turbulence is long gone, you stop hurting and you are up -back to where you started, only a little braver.

You do not give up, no matter the fall – you brush yourself off and get back, now knowing to control better!

My darling, this is exactly how life is – breezy first, intoxicating next and emboldening later but eventually, you are wiser.

And like with the swing, I hope you would want to give it another shot believing every fall only makes you stronger and better!

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