Mommy’s Day Out

Mothers come in different shapes, sizes and types. Here are some of them;

The Protective Mother

Picture Courtesy: vadrevunaresh

The Strict Mother

Picture Courtesy : sanjaysen_photography

The Perfectionist Mother

Picture Courtesy : Me

The Caring Mother

Picture Courtesy : Me

The Fighting Mother

Picture Courtesy : avinash_nagaraja
Picture Courtesy: smrutiranjan_photography

The Scary Mother

Picture Courtesy : venu11_photography

And finally, the All Knowing Mother

Picture Courtesy : sanjaysen_photography

No matter what type a Mother is, she is always a truly loving type. Happy Mother’s Day (eve).

For more such photo stories follow me on Insta @renus_photostories


  1. Loved the captions and collection of apt moments. Everybody can relate to, we all would have gone though many of these if not all.

    Liked by 1 person

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