Boldie and Her Happily Ever After

Here is my attempt at using my bird photographs for my first ever Photo- Story strips! Enjoy the story about Boldie who, like her name indicates, is one very bold Parakeet πŸ™‚


  1. Awesome Renu ! Excellent! You engaged me to read the entire story, so beautifully presented with lovely pictures! You have such a beautiful talent to tell a story, please publish it on kindle so that many can have access to it. Love your work! Blessings!

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  2. Awesome man… Very nice and engaging…
    Kudo’s to your efforts…

    Hats off to your patience to take these timely pictures, consolidating, and working around a beautiful storyline… Wow…

    Keep doing such a nice works…

    All the best Renuka…

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  3. This is an amazing and lovely read. The timing of some of the pictures and weaving it nicely in story line, loved it. Definitely will be re-read as a bed time story .

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