A World for My Son

To the sons yet to be born,

I wish when you are born, your family would rejoice for you as loudly as they would if a girl child is born – not a decibel higher nor lower!
I wish for you a world which welcomes home a boy and a girl with equal enthusiasm, fanfare and celebration.

I wish when you are crying and needing comfort Daddy rocks you to sleep as often as Mommy would, even if it means some nights of sleeplessness for him.
I wish for you a world where Papa displays as much love for you as Mama would in every way possible.

I wish as you grow up, you are as expressive as you once were when you first entered the world and are not afraid of shedding a tear or two.
I wish for you a world without a rule book on what a boy should/shouldn’t do.

I wish in your school, you are as inspired by a girl -for her grades or her eloquence or her performance in sports or for just for the way she is – as you would be by a boy of a similar caliber. I wish for you a world which doesn’t feed into tender minds the perceived superiority of one gender over another.

I wish whenever you are home in the evenings you would find Mom AND Dad prepare meals together.
I wish for you a world where you wouldn’t mind stepping into the kitchen not just to throw the used plates but also to help out whenever needed, like how you have always seen Daddy do.

I wish you wouldn’t ever have to hear your Mom or Sister(s) come home late in the night crying to Daddy about the harassment they were subject to that they had to silently endure.
I wish for you a world so safe, that you need not worry about letting the women you love venture out late in the night.

I wish you would want to work hard to follow your dreams and not just to carry out the tasks you are supposed to as the man of the house.
I wish for you a world which doesn’t overwhelm you with a million responsibilities just because you are born a Man.

I wish when you are ready, you would passionately fall in love with someone and would want to spend a lifetime with that person together.
I wish for you a world which lets you live peacefully with your soulmate in spite of the possible differences in caste or creed or religion or the similarity in gender.

I wish when you venture out into the world, you would do so with the same passion that led you to your dreams without worrying about any prejudices.
I wish for you a world which treats and nourishes everyone alike, the way the womb that would hold you and your siblings alike, regardless of the skin tone, possible disability, gender or any of the perceived differences.

I wish when you are born, you do so into a world of love and light- its the same world I am in; only dispelled of the negativity of today.

I wish for you the dawn of a new day which would lift the veil of darkness shrouding over this world presently.


  1. This is excellent. Wonderfully enunciated piece of art with astute choice of threads to get this wonderful piece of knit. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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