While I’m writing….

While I’m writing,

I do not want the uniformity, nor the conformity, not even the hundreds of fonts and styles at my disposal.

I want the letters to be in my own handwriting- even if its scrawly and illegible!

How else would you know, that it was me who wrote them for you?

I do not want to be able to go back, make changes and make it look as good as new.

I want to scratch, scribble and overwrite words – one on top of the other!

How else would you read and glean my thoughts, second thoughts and doubts?

I do not want my spellings to be automatically corrected.

I want to create something worthy of your attention without being conscious of any error!

How else would you come to the realization that if its perfect its not deemed to be an art?

I do not want my next words to be suggested or guessed.

I want my emotions to pour uninterruptedly into words!

How else would you decipher my mood?

I do not want my words and lines to be shortened or rephrased,

I want to be able to write a sentence half a page long if I want to!

How else would you know that sometimes my thoughts flow endlessly into the horizon?

I do not want ideas on improving my lines to make them flowery or eye catchy.

I want to express what is on my mind the way it is in my mind!

How else could you know what I am really thinking in the way I am thinking?

I do not want the rapid speed delivery.

I want things to take their own time, so that we learn the forgotten art of patience!

How else, would you realize our powerlessness in front of the time and distance between us?

I do not want to immediately be made to know that you read my words,

I want to know it from you!

How else do we learn to build the trust required for a lifelong bond?

I do not want a blank white screen artificially lighted up and so fake that there can be no mistakes.

I want a sheet of white paper and a pen!

How else would I make you fall in love with my written word?


  1. Hi. Satyam here.
    Just read your posts. Very well written.
    Especially loved the one about handwritten note and ‘If I meet you today’s.
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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