To you,

Hear me out,

Even when I am exasperated, unhappy and angry and venting my frustrations all out, sounding simultaneously ridiculous, idiotic and dumb!

Make me laugh,

Even when I am grumpy, unapproachable and in no mood for a joke although I could use one belly laughter.

Compliment me,

Tell me how good I am in everything I venture out to do, even when I am barely scratching the surface. Even when I am miserably failing, tell me how awesome I am just because I chose to give it a shot.

Inspire me,

Remind me, how I have braved all odds in the past and how I can sail through any seemingly insurmountable situations with ease, even when it’s evident that I am messing things up.

Follow me,

Not as a follower, but to be there to hold my back, just when I am about to fall, letting me know I am not alone and have nothing to fear about while taking the crucial step out of my comfort zone.

Give me wings to fly,

Tell me that I am not inferior to anyone and my self-imposed setbacks because of my gender, my community and my beliefs are nothing when compared to my spirit which is every ready to soar. Tell me they would do nothing to stop me from reaching the heights I am destined to.

Trust me,

Even when I am at the most lousiest self, churning out more and more obvious untruths and lies in an attempt to fool everyone around but effectively making a big fool of myself.

And most importantly love me,

Even when I am unlovable, spouting hateful words and exuding negative vibes!

“You are asking for way too much”, I can hear the collective voices of reprimand echoing from all sides.

Well, you know what, he does it all and more unasked for!

When he has to choose between being right and being kind, he always choses to be kind, especially to me. I hardly reciprocate to his kindness, but I guess it’s about time I do.

So here you go, today being your birthday, I start my reciprocation with this blog, specially dedicating it to you. My Hero, my best friend, my inspiration, Appa thank you for everything that you have done to me. I wish you a very happy birthday.

Here’s to many more years to come.

Love you Loads.


  1. Thank you so much for your kindness secretivewriter 🙂 surely I will visit your blog 🙂 thank you for visiting mine 🙂


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