Growing old…

You know you are growing old when you are stopped in tracks by one too many photos of mushy couples in their wedding attire which pops up in your newsfeed every now and then! Well, those are not pictures of the girls in your close friends list, but those of guys from your batch in school and college. As for the girls, from the pictures they post you realize they are all mommies now, maybe soon to be 2nd time mommies- you never know!

Dear Facebook, Kudos to you for making the reality seem more bleak than it actually is!

You know you are growing old, when you hear “When I was your age I was happily married, with a baby and an own house” from your Dad, yes Dad! Mom has by now gone tired of telling this for years! But unlike mom, Dad doesn’t stop with that but goes on unflinchingly, “And you, for your part, do not even have an apartment, forget a husband and a baby!”

Get a house, get a life!

You know you are growing old, when just a sight of a calorie laden Death by Chocolate could add inches to your waistline! Just a sight, yes! Gone are the days when you polished off not one but two of them without giving one thought to your figure!

The shapely figure which never let me down, where are you now?

You know you are growing old, when no amount of running, yoga, gymming, dancing and swimming can get you back into the clothes you once wore during college!

Hey “Branded and beautiful”, remain in the wardrobe!

You know you are growing old, when you would like to run away from three things without looking back – weighing scales, nosey aunts at family functions and free buffet lunches, especially the ones with countless, mouth watering desserts!

Age, weight and calories my three (least) favourite words!

You know you are growing old when the kids in the neighborhood call you AUNTY! Even after your kind request on being called “Didi”, they correct you(not so kindly though) by telling ‘you can’t be Didi, I heard Momma tell Pappa that you are older than her’.

Kids these days….

You know you are growing old, when the count of guys you are asked/ forced by your parents to go on a date with is so much more than the number of crushes you stealthily had unbeknown to your parents while growing up!

Blind dates, bring it on!

You know you are growing old, when your conservativeness goes out of the window only to be replaced by “What the hell, let’s see what happens” attitude, as you jump from one restaurant to another, despite the time of the night!

Self set curfew!!! Who cares anymore?

You know you are growing old, when you are no longer able to pull off a night out even while partying, without stifling yawns every minute and without dozing off every now and then, despite knowing its putting off your colleagues around who seem to always have more energy than you. “How could I have managed to do that many night outs with nothing but books to keep company just a couple of years back” you wonder aghast!

The unfailing energy finally failing miserably!

You know you are growing old, when the feminist voice in you is silenced and you long for men to give up their seats for you in the cramped up conference room, and thank him not so much for his politeness as much for relieving you from the soreness in your feet.

Gentlemen, remain so please 😛

And finally, you know you are growing old, when you are spending the birthday night eve alone in a hotel room in an alien town keeping the mobile on silent mode and dozing off much before 9; the only thought in your head being, “I need to make it to the meeting tomorrow on time :P”

Sigh, I must be growing really old!
Anyway, Happy birthday to me!


  1. What a well articulated, beautifully crafted, and well thought of article. Simply breathtaking. Loved the article thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work! Your blog posts are aspirations, dreams and attitude for countless number of fellow quarter century millennials.

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