Date a Voracious Reader!

Date a man who loves to read. He is that guy who enters the bookstore to slyly ogle at the shelves stacked with bundles and bundles of paperbacks and hardcovers. Like a kid in a candy store, he gleefully explores the store and returns home with a few handfuls of tomes, that he is ever ready to devour. Date him, because like the books in his shelves that he tends to with great care, he will take care of you very well – leafing through carefully, not causing any creases and most importantly ensuring others are as careful and caring as well.

Date a man who loves to read, for he will never bore you, he will always have some captivating information or the other to share, making you equally enthralled about new information as him and having you crave for more. He will feed your brains in ways you couldn’t have imagined, sparking your curiosity every now and then, thus making you a smarter and a more prudent person you always wanted to be.

Date a man who loves to read, he is that rare breed, who can be both knowledgeable and humble. Thanks to his love for reading, he would be fully equipped to discuss anything and everything under the sky. Yet, would nevertheless be aware, like the innumerable books in his bucket list that he is yet to explore, there is so much out there that he doesn’t know and has not explored yet.

Date a man who loves to read, he may stun you with his massive vocabulary, leaving you at a loss of words many an occasion. Then again, he wouldn’t mind, and in fact would love to write a lengthy page of letter, embellished with words so captivating and similes and metaphors beautifully thrown in here and there, just for you. This feeble craft of unimaginable love, at this age of 140 character status updates, you will cherish for your entire life, reading and re reading every now and then, taking it out from its hiding, inside a file in the closet.

Date a man who loves to read, for like with his book, he would take his time to glean you, with your stated and unstated words, and would read between the lines if needed, just to understand you to the best of his abilities. And soon after he will know you as much as you know of yourself, probably even more.

Date a man who loves to read, he won’t buy you a drink when he catches your eye in the pub, but he will for sure, buy you a book when he sees you in a bookstore, for he knows that the chances of the latter working out in his favor is plentiful. He is someone who would value a series of fruitful discussions over coffee, much more than the shallow one night outcome of having a drink together.

Date a man who loves to read, for he is definitely a keeper, he is a man of many words and promises. Like his well-tended collection of books, he wouldn’t hesitate to show you off proudly to his world.

Date a man who loves to read, he knows, like the different genres he has been exposed to, you would one day be romantic, on another mysterious; on another philosophical, on other dramatic and on yet another adventurous! Although he would love you differently on each of those days, he always would love you with all his heart and soul. And like his love for books, his love for you would be pure, unadulterated and would last forever.

Date a man who loves to read, for if all goes well, you will be gifted a lifetime with him. Towards the end of which, he will look at you fondly in your eyes and whisper to you, “Thank you for the best love story I am yet to read about- the story of you and me”

Date a voracious reader, it will truly be worth it!

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