Tiny Tales

Not OK

When he first met her, she seemed ok until he saw her from a distance helping orphan children with their maths homework. She was suddenly not just ok, but seemed awesome! When she first met him he seemed awesome until she realized that he is creepy and is freaking her out by following her around everywhere and spying on her from a distance all the time!


He knew she spelled trouble from the start! Loud mouthed, having only a small group of friends, very bold, adventurous and hated by most. Little did he realize that soon she will be an achiever, refreshingly radical with an ability to kick ass and leading a large troupe for good causes, making him a proud father.

The Proposal

“Will you marry me, honey” he asked gazing up lovingly, watching her in eager anticipation looking as handsome as ever. She wanted to say yes, but instead said “Great, you did it right this time”, with heavy heart she wished him good luck when he proceeded to propose to his girlfriend leaving behind a stream of tears in his “bestfriend”‘s eyes.


“He will come back” she remarked with conviction. He left her in the middle of nowhere, yet she trusted him! Yes he did come back as a CEO of the largest MNC in the world, but that did not bring her as much happiness as the bundle of joy in the arms of the beautiful girl by his side. He came back to his mother bringing her a lovely daughter in law and a handsome grandson.


“Goodbye”, he said and kissed her for one last time. She left home happily thinking he will come back to her soon after the USA trip. She thinks he is going home to meet his parents. In a way she is right, but she doesn’t know that his parents are no more!

Cheer Leader

“Thank you Ma’am”, he said when she handed over his certificate. He’s the spitting image of his father she realized with a sinking heart. From the corner of her eye she noticed a girl cheer loudly like how she used to cheer his father back then. But thankfully unlike his father, he walked to the girl who cheered at him and not to the one who leered at him.

The Girl

“It’s a girl”, when the doctor announced, the parents rejoiced- watching them enjoy their exhilarating moment from the other end, they shed tears not because they were childless but for losing their first daughter who took away with her the rest of her siblings when she was aborted!


“You cannot do it”, she heard everyone tell her, until she believed it herself. One fine day she did it and again the next day and yet again two days later. Once was a fluke, twice was a coincidence but thrice meant an innate skill. She knew that and then on there was no stopping her, very soon she became a champion!

The Baby

“I want a daughter” he whispered lovingly to his wife. The agonizing pregnancy made her wish otherwise, for she did not want her baby to suffer like her at a later point. Few months later, watching the just become father with the baby, she realized that when her agony ended, her husband’s began and thanked the Lord for the baby girl!


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