What Motivates Us- Female Version

After innumerable arguments over “He” being a “She”, I have finally decided to come up with another version of my previous blog post!

Hope you enjoy this version also:)

Triiiiiing rang her alarm waking her up with a start with its sickly sweet Cat Mew sound, she immediately snoozed it pulling the blanket to her chin, snuggling into it cozily with the air conditioning at its full blast. She wanted to be lost in her beautiful dreams for another couple of hours, but just before her heavy eyelids dropped to take her into another world, she accidentally gazed outside the window and saw him leaving his house. She immediately sat up, threw the sheets away and dragged herself out of the bed with a new found resolution. A resolution to meet him come what may! With her heart racing at a frightening pace, she hurriedly got ready and rushed out to see him before its too late.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry to the place where they first met. She could still recall with absolute perfection how majestic he was the first time she looked up at him. She was sure that there would be many already lined up to catch a glimpse of his magnificence. Yet that did not deter her from reaching out to him and she ran faster and faster until she finally came close to him. Not too close but close enough to admire him from a safe distance. Puffing and panting she looked up only to be overcome by wonder! She could feel a rush of warmth spreading in her heart at the sight of him! The cold morning breeze did nothing to dampen her spirits. She stood there hugging her sides, gaping at him without batting an eyelid. How could he do this to her she wondered with a smile playing on her lips. As she saw him approach closer, her jaws dropped! Wow- she thought to herself- if only she had come here before she could have known him much better!  She looked around and noticed every onlooker looking at him as dazed as her! Wait did he just turn red, as if all this attention is embarrassing him she mused mockingly! When he finally revealed himself fully to her and to the rest of his fan following she noticed her heart beat stop for a second and she exhaled out heavily the many a breath caught in her throat. The anticipation of this moment she realized, is worth the lost sleep and the innumerable sacrifices she had to make to come here!

As she stood there watching him with wondrous eyes, she crossed her fingers and hoped beyond hope that this moment would stretch a bit longer. But when she felt the sweat trickle down her forehead and the heat in her neck she realized he was gone! In his place she noticed a stranger who looked down with such ferocity that she had to cover her eyes to shield herself from his harshness. Finally she turned back to leave “I will come again to see you tomorrow” she promised more to herself than to him. She went home with a grateful heart after having had a glorious start to the yet another long and tiring day that lay ahead of her.

Along with her went back others who after having enjoyed the glorious sunrise that morning was ready for the day that is yet to unfold.

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