What motivates us – Male Version

Triiiiiing rang the alarm waking him up with a start with its blaring noise, he snoozed it pulling the blanket up, cozily ensconcing himself with the air conditioning at its full blast. He wanted to enjoy another hour of bliss, but just before he could let his heavy eyelids drop he accidentally gazed outside his window and caught her sneaking out. He immediately sat bolt upright, threw the sheets from his tired body and dragged himself out of the bed. He decided that he did not want to miss seeing her today! With his heart racing, he hurriedly got ready and rushed out to meet her before it was too late.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry towards the beach where he recalled seeing her for the first time looking majestically beautiful, happily enjoying the attention her magnificence got her from the passerby around. When he reached the seaside he was gasping for breath, puffing and panting he looked up at her only to be washed over by a rush of warmth spreading from her.  The cold morning breeze enveloped him and as he stood there hugging his sides, he watched her without batting an eyelid. How could she look more and more beautiful with every passing day, he wondered with a smile playing on his lips. As she approached closer he could see the unmistakable glow that made everyone out there gape at her in amazement. As if in response to their flattering musings, she blushed the beautiful red she is so well known for. At that point, his heart beat stopped for a second and he exhaled out heavily the many a breath caught in his throat. The anticipation of this moment he felt, is worth the lost sleep and the innumerable sacrifices he had to make!

As he stood there drinking in her glorious beauty, he went down his knees and closed his eyes for a second hoping she could stay a bit longer. When he opened his eyes he felt the sweat trickle down his forehead and the heat in his neck and noticed a stranger in her place who looked down with such ferocity that he had to cover his eyes to shield himself from the harshness. He got up and turned back to leave “I will come again to see you tomorrow” he promised more to himself than to her who was long gone now. He went home with a grateful heart after having had a glorious start to the yet another long and tiring day that lay ahead of him.

Along with him went back others who after having enjoyed the glorious sunrise that morning was ready for the day that is yet to unfold.

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