Life lessons in marathons

After completing my first half marathon, I have come to realize I am no longer the same as who I used to be- Running changed me for good! Not just physically but emotionally and spiritually also. Thanks to the lessons it has taught me.

I am penning down some of them which I believe can also be applied to life in general.

Notice how every point connects to the next, for in this universe everyone and everything is inter connected, is it not?

Hope you enjoy my two cents on running and on life. Wish you a happy reading 🙂

1. Running a marathon(Even living a life for that matter) is a journey, its not important how you start, its important how you finish.

2. Yes, how you finish is crucial but whats all the more important is that you complete the journey without giving up.

3. Enjoy the journey, plunge ahead because you want to not because you have to.

4. You and only you are your best competitor. Strive to become better than how you were and not better than how the next person is.

5. Still, watch out for others, not just because they might need your help whenever they are not able to proceed also because you might need theirs at some point in time during your course of jounery.

6. The course is the same for everyone, one becomes better or worse because of one’s abilities! External circumstances play a minimum role in supporting them.

7. Sharpen your abilities with practice. Practice makes one perfect.

8. Take pride is perfection yes, but do take more pride in the sense of accomplishment.

9. Be patient you will attain perfection soon, until then strive with perseverance with a smile on your face :-).

10. The more you strive, the more you break down the hurdles your mind has placed against your abilities.

11. The more mind blocks you overcome, the more confident you feel about yourself.

12. The more confident you feel about yourself, the more humble you become.

13.The more humble you get, more friends you gather in your journey

14. The more number of friends you make, the more the number of people you inspire by word of mouth(s)

15. Some of your friends will reach the end of the journey faster, others will lag behind, that doesn’t make them less of a friend to you nor you less of a friend to them.

16. When you feel like giving up before the journey ends, do not look at how far you have to go, look at how far you have come to inspire yourself to move on.

17. Fight harder against your will when you are about to give up, it wouldn’t lessen the pain but you will reach your goal faster.

18. Pain is temporary, but pride is permanent. Take pride in what you have achieved and don’t beat yourself over what more you could have done.

19. Remember that all good things have to end someday, so enjoy the process as the finishing line might be just around the corner, marking the end to your journey!

20. And when you reach the end , you should look back and realize “Wow! what a beautiful journey(life) that was” and finish with a flourish!


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